History of Trinity Worship Center/ Trinity Wesleyan Church


In the summer of 1929, while praying, Rev and Mrs. C.C. Brown (of Kingswood, KY) felt led to start a home mission work in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Services were first held in a tent and later in a store-building mission.

Due to the Brown’s ill health, Rev. and Mrs. L.S. Houston became pastors in March of 1930. In the Spring of 1931, an all-night prayer group sensed God’s leading to build a church. Mr. W.C. Probus drew up the plan. The pastor and sixteen other men sawed the timber in the woods and hauled it to the lot.

With only $56.20 in the treasury, the men started digging the basement with the first shovelfuls taken by the pastor and Rev. R.W. Wolfe, District Superintendent. Town businessmen couteously closed their buildings during a march to the excavation service.

The church was completed and the frist service in the new church was held January 18, 1930. It was organized as the Pilgrim Holiness Church the following July with nine charter members. The following six people are believed to have been among the charter members: Roy and Carrie Knepper, Rev. and Mrs. C.C. Brown, Susan Aubrey, and Mrs. Lillie Probus. Ruby Fulkerson was an early member also.

Due those Depression days, over 5,000 adults and children were fed and/or given a place to sleep, and many became Christians.

Rev. and Mrs. H.H. Bolender and family became pastors in 1935. They were hard workers, always ready to help anyone needing them.

Rev. and Mrs. Charles Oden and family arrived in 1940, having been missionaries in China. The dedication and mortgage burning service was held in November 1941.

Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Tromble became pastors in 1944. They were both talented musicians and he was a quiet and spirited preacher.

Rev. and Mrs. F.M. Singleton were the next pastoral leaders. One of his favorite sayings was, “He’s a good Lord.” She is remembered as a sweet lady.

Rev. and Mrs. R.L. Goodman became pastors in 1955. They were busy people. It has been said that he could hardly get one job done before he was into another one. He had a vision for a new church building and was twenty years ahead of his time in planning.

A field was purchased off the main street entering Elizabethtown from the north, with a ground-breaking service held in May 1958 and construction beginnning in July with around $300 in the bank. Some of the men who gave up their vacation time to work were James Coleman, Russell Cowley, Arnold Tharpe, Paul Bailey, Eugene Yates, Marvin Goodman, William Lynn, Lee Botto, Harvey Botto, Alton Luval, Howard Owens, Lawrence Stevens, Haines Fulkerson and Edward Kirtley, as well as many others. The cornerstone reglects the spirit of the people and reads, “First Pilgrim Holiness Church, 1958, ‘Memorial of Faith and Works.'” The dedication service was held on September 6, 1959. Among those participating were Dr. C.F. Long, Mayor Leonard T. Bean, and former pastors Houston, Tromble and Singleton. General Superintendent, Dr. R.G. Flexon, brought the dedicatory message.

Rev. and Mrs. Paul Ebright were the next pastors, coming in 1963, but left here when he was elected District Superintendent.

Rev. and Mrs. Charles Lewis came in 1965. Their family is remembered for singing together beautifully.

In 1968, the Pilgrim Holiness and Wesleyan Methodist churches merged and became The Wesleyan Church.

The church made notable financial gains and increased missionary giving under the next pastors, Rev. and Mrs. Harold Rickner who came in 1969. He often quoted, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

Under the administration of Rev. and Mrs. Charles Campbell, begining in 1974, the Gingerbread Kindergarten was organized with Marty Richardson as Director.

Rev. Carl L. Possehl was assistant to Rev. Campbell, and he and his wife became pastors in the Fall of 1981. He was District CYC Director and began the local CYC program while here.

In 1985, Rev. and Mrs. Lamar Brown became pastors. While here, she was director of the school.

1988-2001 Rev. and Mrs. Amos Glendenning were pastors, followed by Rev. and Mrs. Weldon Greer 2001-2004.

2004-2012 Rev. and Mrs. Dana Beland. Pastor Dana had a great ministry at Trinity. He helped the church be ministry focused in the community and let everyone know they are weird in special because there is only 1 you and God uses you to connect to others!

June 15 2012- November 1 2013 Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Bachman and family came to Elizabethtown and helped us strengthen our ministries and supported in other areas of ministry.

Nov-Apr 2013/14- Interim Pastor Tommy Masters kept us revived in the spirit and was a great blessing in a time of healing.

June 1st 2014- We welcome Rev Tim Burge and family as our Pastoral family and look forward to great things tom come for Trinity!
2015- In the process of re branding and renaming Trinity Wesleyan to Trinity Worship Center while holding to our Wesleyan values and affiliation.