The best way to be all in is to explore one of our two levels of membership, covenant or community. They differ in some ways, but are the same in these vital ways:

  • Believing: Membership means you build your beliefs on the things Jesus taught and learn to make them the unshakable core of your life
  • Belonging: Membership means you’re part of everyone else at TWC, and they’re a part of you.
  • Building: Membership means that we build people up in the love and truth of God, and in turn, we build the Kingdom of God so we can leave it in a better condition than when we found it.
  • Blessing: Membership increases the joy of making a difference for others within the church family and in the wider world. A group of committed people can shower blessings on those who need it – and that includes blessings to each other.


Membership involves the following two expectations:

1.That each member LOVE, LIVE and LEAD by passionately pursuing Christ, being involved in our discipleship journey through participating in our ministry focuses, and to use your God-given gifts as a servant leader.

2.Attend a membership class with Pastor Tim before joining.